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Opinions Online

If residents have any complaints, enquiries or suggestions, please refer to the Privacy Policy and  Personal Data Collection Statement of the IACM before clicking "Opinions Online".   In addition, residents can also submit their comments to the IACM in person, by post or email, or by calling the IACM' s Civic Service Hotline 2833 7676.​
  1. How does the submitter check the follow-up result after the submission of comments through the "Opinions online" system? Voice navigation
    After a comment is submitted through the "Opinions online" system, the system will automatically provide the submitter with an "Opinions online enquiry number" and an "Enquiry password" for him/her to enquire the IACM's follow-up progress and reply of the case.Voice navigation
  2. If the submitter forgot the "Enquiry Password" of the "Opinions online" system, how does he/she apply for a new one? Voice navigation
    The submitter can call the Civic Service Hotline 2833 7676. After confirmation of the submitter's personal information and comment content, the IACM staff will send him/her a new "Opinions online enquiry number" and a new "Enquiry password" by mobile text message or email, so that he/she can continue to enquire the IACM’s follow-up progress and reply of the case.Voice navigation