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Beach water quality monitoring
Beach water quality monitoring

Beach water quality monitoring


The beach water quality monitoring programme includes water quality assessment of the two public beaches to the south of Macao - Hac Sá Beach and Cheoc Van Beach. The objective is to monitor beach water quality and safeguard the health of bathers.


The monitoring points are determined by the length of the swimming area of the two beaches. The frequency of monitoring will be increased during the bathing season.


After each sample test, the beach water quality results will be announced on the IACM website, which indicate the latest water quality status and provide information on the recent water quality trend of the beaches.  Beach water quality is calculated on the basis of the geometric mean of the E.coli level in the water samples taken five times at intervals recently. When the geometric mean of the E. coli level in the latest five samples exceeds 610 counts per 100 mL, and when the E. coli level of one latest water sample exceeds 1600 counts per 100mL, the beach water quality will be assessed as “unsatisfactory”.

Beach water quality Annual report(pdf)
Last Update : 28/06/2018

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