To promote the latest information about performance pledge recognition to the public through various channels, the IACM printed posters and brochures about external performance pledge based on the contents of performance pledge recognition submitted to Comissão de Avaliação dos Serviços Públicos in 2017. The posters and brochures are displayed and placed at the external service locations of the IACM for residents’ reference. Residents are also welcome to view them by clicking the files below:

External Performance Pledge Poster

External Performance Pledge Brochure

Last Update : 03/07/2018

In February 2018, IACM was awarded the Certificate of Recognition for the accredited re-assessment issued by the “Public Service Evaluation Committee”. This successful accreditation has marked the recognition of IACM’s principle of continuous improvement in quality services.

To view the Performance Pledge Certificates issued by the “Public Service Evaluation Committee”, please click the following:

Performance pledge certificates

Last Update : 08/02/2018

To provide better service to the public, the IACM has reviewed and analysed its work on performance pledge in 2016 and has compiled and published the “External service satisfaction survey results 2016” and the “Implementation of external service quality standards 2014-2016” for the public’s reference. Residents may, at any time, visit the webpage of the IACM and consult statistics on the performance pledge (click link to visit the page).

Last Update : 28/11/2017

In September 2017, the IACM successfully passed the performance pledge certification assessment conducted by the Public Service Evaluation Committee, and was commented as "qualified". This certification is valid for a period of two years. Our success is attributed to the efforts and cooperation among our colleagues from all IACM departments. It also marks our persistence in our principle to provide quality service is recognised by the Public Service Evaluation Committee. The performance pledge certification lays a solid foundation for our quality public services in the future.

Moreover, to realise our belief in continuous improvement, the IACM will further implement and extend the coverage of our service performance pledge. We will continue to review our service quality to achieve continuous improvement and enhancement.

Last Update : 13/11/2017