Introduction to IACM

The IACM carries out the following duties:
  • Enhance environmental hygiene, especially to ensure the cleanliness of public places, and the regulation of animals, and cooperate with public departments and entities which exercise the authority of public health;
  • Plan, promote and carry out civic education activities on information and training;
  • Improve residents’ quality of living, especially through the facilitation of rehabilitation of urban areas, the replacement of relevant equipment and the enhancement of environmental conditions;
  • Encourage and aid civic organisations to foster the spirit of mutual help and neighbourhood harmony between society interests and communities;
  • Implement a mechanism for the collection and analysis of suggestions, complaints and claims from service recipients, in particular to provide a timely and appropriate response to those circumstances where priority response is necessary;
  • Execute specified tasks according to the law in the scope of city planning, and participate in city planning and road traffic regulation efforts;
  • Issue administrative licenses for the relevant actions, projects and activities stipulated in the law;
  • Execute the policy on the communications and relationship development of the Macao SAR Government and foreign cities, particularly agreements of alliances;
  • Contribute to civil defence efforts and participate in the relevant plans in accordance with the guidance and instruction of the coordinating authority;
  • Provide residents with suitable information  in explanation of the issues arising from the fulfillment of its duties;
  • Monitor the compliance of the applicable regulations in the fields mentioned above in accordance with the stipulations of laws and regulations, in particular in the scopes of public hygiene, animal regulation, environmental protection, activities and projects that are subjected to an administrative license, etc.;
  • Coordinate and promote the execution mechanism of interdepartmental public services, and through signing agreements with other public departments and entities, provide services as stated in the agreements.
  • Fulfill other duties according to the stipulations in the law or regulations, or the orders of the Chief Executive.