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In order to raise the level of services provided by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) and continue to serve the public with “people-based” principle, the IACM has especially set up the Integrated Service Centre to integrate all civic services at the same location for processing. In addition, modernised modes and scientific technology are adopted to provide the public with quality services which are convenient, fast and comfortable.

The Integrated Service Centre covers an area of 1,726 square metres, which includes five service zones serving the public: Zone A (Document Collection, Works and Greening Projects), Zone B (Hygiene and Inspection Affairs), Zone C (Administrative Licenses and Cemetery Affairs), Zone D (Wealth Partaking Scheme and Healthcare Subsidy Scheme) and Zone F (Licenses for Food and Beverage Establishments and Enquiries about Administrative Infractions), with a total of 26 service counters which provide over 90 civic service items. The waiting area has a capacity of 67 seats, with multimedia audio-visual broadcasting system to remind residents about processing procedures and to provide residents with information about the IACM. Moreover, facilities such as Central District Service Centre, food premises facilities and food safety information showroom, commerce centre and conference room, etc., are also set up in the Centre.

Document Collection, Works and Greening Projects Hygiene and Inspection Affairs Administrative Licenses and Cemetery Affairs

Wealth Partaking Scheme and Healthcare Subsidy Scheme Licenses for Food and Beverage Establishments and Enquiries about Administrative Infractions