IACM’s Fai Chi Kei Service Centre officially commences service

Publish Date: 28/12/2016

The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) always holds the service-oriented principle for the residents and serves residents wholeheartedly. The IACM has established service centres to optimise the community service network, to collectively receive and handle requests from the public and resolve issues related to the lives of residents directly and effectively. In addition to Central District Service Centre, T'oi Sán Service Centre and S. Lourenço Service Centre, Fai Chi Kei Service Centre officially started operation on December 28 to provide convenient service to residents in the area.

Fai Chi Kei Service Centre is situated in Rua Nova do Patane, Habitação Social do Fai Chi Kei, Edf. Fai Tat, Bl. II, r/c, lojas G e H, Macau. The Service Centre is open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, with no lunch break. The Service Centre is closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. The IACM currently has four service locations after the new service location of Fai Chi Kei Service Centre has been added. In addition to the receiving and handling of comments about civic affairs, services provided for the public include enrolment, receipt of payments, enquiries, advance booking, and distribution of forms, publicity materials and leaflets.

The Service Centre staff will also patrol hygiene black spots and municipal facilities with resident associations and residents when necessary to encourage the public to actively participate in public affairs. The staff will also proactively assist the unit in various civic work through monthly visits to associations and residents in the community and act as the link of communication between both sides.

To meet the needs of a rapidly developing society, the IACM continues to proactively improve various facilities and step up professional training of its staff. The “Civic Service Hotline 2833 7676” was launched in 2003. The IACM achieved the ISO international quality certification of its “Complaint Management System” in 2004, in which the external performance pledge for receiving complaints “by telephone” or “in person” was established and the IACM pledged that the response of handling progress or conclusion of a case issued within 15 working days. Furthermore, the Administration Committee of the IACM organises “open sessions”, “community affairs symposia” and “Administration Committee Hotline” each month to extensively listen to the comments of all sectors. The “Food Safety Hotline 2833 8181” was also set up to receive comments in regard to food safety.

Looking into the future, the IACM will continue to respond to residents’ requests with sincerity and justice, to be close to residents and provide convenience to them, to communicate with them and listen to them and to consistently improve its service. The IACM will put in all its efforts related to the lives of residents and join hands with residents in building a better home.