No Korean eggs imported to Macao this year

Publish Date: 15/08/2017

The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) is concerned about media reports on pesticide fipronil detected in eggs produced in Korea. According to statistical data and records of food import inspection, no eggs produced in Korea were imported to Macao this year.

The European Union stipulates that fipronil cannot be used in poultry in the food chain industry for humans. The IACM will continue to follow up and pay attention to the development of the issue, maintain liaison with competent authorities and importers and strengthen surveillance of eggs and poultry meat products to safeguard the food safety of Macao.

In accordance with information from the Statistics and Census Bureau, at present, eggs are mainly imported to Macao from Mainland China, the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Denmark and Australia.