Additional electronic payment service in Public Services Centres of IACM

Publish Date: 19/06/2017

        To make it more convenient for the public to pay fees and charges for government services, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) has introduced electronic payment service. Starting from June 19, IACM’s Integrated Service Centre, Northern District Public Services Centre, Central District Public Services Centre and Islands District Public Services Centre will additionally provide electronic payment function. Residents may use UnionPay QuickPass and Macau Pass to pay various items of service charges.

        When residents apply for various types of IACM’s services, such as administrative licenses and permits, cemetery and burial services, as well as various kinds of services of other entities which may also be processed by IACM, such as application for written report on property registration, application for authenticated construction project documents (with issued license for use), sale of government publications and printed materials, collection of fines for traffic offenses (administrative offenses), travel agency license and tour guide card, etc., they may pay the relevant charges through UnionPay QuickPass and Macau Pass to facilitate payment process.  

        For locations of the Public Services Centres of IACM, please visit IACM’s webpage