Procedures for Processing Import License/Declaration and Advance Booking for Sanitary Inspection



Type of procedureApplication
Documents to be submitted1. Original and legible photocopy of import license;
2. Original and legible photocopy of import declaration;
3. Original copy of valid sanitary certificate(s) issued by competent authorities of the exporting country/region;
Documents to be presentedProduce the Import Registration of the establishment issued by IACM.
Important notes1. Fill in Column (1) of the Declaration Form with the Registration Number for Controlled Foreign Trade Operations issued by the Economic Services Bureau;
2. Upon advance booking for sanitary inspection of imported food products, the applicants have to confirm the date, time and location of entry of the imports;
3. When the products arrived in Macao and undergo sanitary inspection, the applicant is required to produce their valid and original sanitary certificate(s);
4. In case the products do not satisfy the sanitary requirements and are not permitted to enter Macao, the importer is required to pay for the respective charges;
5. The submission of additional required documents should be made before/at the time when the products arrive in Macao. The respective procedures shall be processed upon submission of all required documents;
6. For importers who intend to import new products, they are advised to make advance inquiries to the competent authorities for sanitary inspection about the stipulated requirements for the import of these products;
7. For imports of goods which are not for wholesale purpose, the applicants are required to submit relevant document(s) and make a declaration on the purpose of the imported goods;
8. The applicants can process the import clearance at the Customs upon producing the respective import license stamped by IACM or a photocopy of the import declaration. The applicants are required to present the same document(s) at the inspection location at the scheduled time and wait for their turn;
9. The applicants are required to go to the IACM to process the respective procedures one working day prior the actual date of the arrival of the imported products;
10. In accordance to Law No. 7/2003 (partially amended by Law No. 3/2016) and Chief Executive Order No.487/2016, application forms for import license and import declaration of different goods are available for purchase at the Printing Bureau;
11. When the products arrived in Macao, the applicant is required to submit their valid sanitary certificate(s).
Target groupFor those who intend to import food products which are subject to mandatory sanitary inspection (food products which are specified in Chief Executive Order Nº 487/2016), they are required to apply for sanitary inspection of their imports. Note: Please refer to Annex I for respective details which had been published in the "Official Gazette".
Application fee1. Exemption of application fee;
2. In case of sanitary inspection, the applicants are required to pay for the inspection fee;
3. The inspection fee is determined in accordance to "Fees, Charges and Prices List of Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau " in force.
Form feeApplication Form for Import License: Mop 4.00 or Import Declaration Form: Mop 3.00 Note: Different forms are available for different types of imports.
Stamp dutyNot Applicable
Security depositNot Applicable
Fees, Charges and Prices ListNot Applicable
Unit in-chargeDivision of Food Inspection
Location for processing the procedureSubmission of Documents:
1. Integrated Service Centre: Avenida da Praia Grande, no. 762-804, China Plaza Building, 2/F, Macau;
2. Northern District Public Services Centre: Rua Nova da Areia Preta, no. 52, Service Centre of Macao SAR, Macau.
Office hoursMonday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (no lunch break)
Tel / FaxTel: (853) 8795 2643, 8795 2646;
Fax: (853) 87952655;
Civic Service Hotline: 2833 7676
Processing time1 working day
Attachment:Annex I