Service for Foster Pets


Service for Foster Pet

Type of procedureService for Foster Pet
Documents to be submitted1. Application form (015-DICV-SIS.pdf); (provide by Macao Municipal Kennel);
2a. Legible photocopies of identity document(s); or
2b.Legible photocopy of the M7-Business Tax Form issued by the Finance Services Bureau; or
2c. Legible photocopy of the M8-Business Tax Form issued by the Finance Services Bureau; or
3. If the fosterpet(s) is/are dog(s), applicants need to provide the supporting documents bearing the address of the place where the animal(s) is/are kept (for e.g. water bill or electricity bill).
Documents to be presentedNot Applicable
Important notes1. All the pet animal available for fostering has to be those that reside in fostering zone of Macau Municipal Kennel.
2. All the suitable pet animal can only be fostered after the respective sterilization operation is done by municipal veterinarian.
3. All the foster dogs and cats must receive vaccination against Rabies.
4. In dog fostering, the applicant must apply for dog license.
5. Please visit the Macao Municipal Kennel website for information about all pet animals available for fostering.
6. The fee for first-time application for pet dog license includes veterinary examination, microchip implantation, rabies vaccination and metal identification tag (for one dog). The license is valid for 3 years.
7. According to Animal Protection Law (Law no. 4/2016), persons who satisfy all of the following conditions simultaneously may apply for a licence:
1) Natural person aged 18 or above with capacity, or legal person established in accordance with law;
2) Not under the condition that the additional penalties or sanctions as stipulated in Clause 1 2) of Article 28 or Article 30 2) apply.
Target groupThose who want to foster pet(s).
Application fee1. Dog fostering:

Dog license:
Neutered dogs (first-time license application): MOP300.00 plus stamp duty (10% of license fee)

2. Cat fostering:

Vaccination against Rabies (per dose): MOP 50.00
Note: Fee exemption for cats with implanted microchips.
Form feeNot Applicable
Stamp dutyNot Applicable
Security depositNot Applicable
Fees, Charges and Prices ListNot Applicable
Unit in-chargeDivision of Animal Control and Inspection
Location for processing the procedureMacao Municipal Kennel: Avenida do Almirante Lacerda, Macao
Office hoursMondays to Fridays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (no lunch break, closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Tel / FaxTel: 2856 9776, 2857 2805 / Fax: 2851 9470
Processing time30 working days